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          Inspiring Future Leaders



          in Manufacturing


          Computer & Technology


          in Chemical


          in Electrical & Automation




          Degree & Diploma

          Offers undergraduate programmes to local and international.


          PhD & Master

          Programme through world-class hands-on research opportunities.


          Foundation (Asasi)

          Programme equips you for degree studies in fields related to IT and engineering.


          Short Course

          Update your knowledge and remain productive and relevant in work environment.

          Mig8 – Nhà cái đặt cược uy tín số 1 Châu Á

          The establishment of UC TATI was not only an initiative of state government but was also as a result of cooperation from federal government and private companies. It is a continuous effort to fill the best quality manpower in the market place.



          University College TATI (UC TATI)
          Kampus TATIUC, Teluk Kalong,
          24000 Kemaman,Terengganu, Malaysia.
          Email: pr@uctati.edu.my
          Phone: +609 8601000
          Fax: +609 8635863

          All contents in this website are the property of UC TATI and its information providers. Any kind of use that include fraud, modification, distribution and broadcasting without UC TATI permission is strictly prohibited.

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